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Shamanic Healing 



"The Triangle Drum"  addresses the body, mind and spirit as an integrated unit, rather than treating any of these levels separately. By providing the possibility to connect you with your emotions and patterns this presents opportunity for the healing process to begin and dispel the root cause of your wounds.

Just like how our physical body need support to stay healthy, we also have a energetic body that needs the same. By zooming right to the core of the problem shifting the energetic patterns that physical symptoms, destructive emotions, life-depleting habits and negative thought forms in place,  you are able to free yourself from unwanted thoughts and emotions, which can then be used towards accomplishing your goals, dreams and wishes.

*Disclaimer: The techniques used in the healing process do not replace traditional medical care, diagnosis or treatment for illness. We are not doctor nor associated with any medical practice. Always contact your doctor if you are ill or have a medical emergency.

Common Benefits...​
  • Feeling lighter and less burdened 

  • Feeling grounded 

  • Feeling more energized

  • Better mental clarity

  • Fewer spiritual disturbances

  • Spiritual protection

  • Shifts in problem situations

  • Feeling 'whole' again

It can help with​...
  • Feeling lost, scattered or empty 

  • Feeling blocked or weighed down

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Distressing spiritual experiences

  • Repeating life patterns

  • Chronic bad luck

  • Unexplained illness

Shamanic Healing Services

Extraction Healing

Removes unhelpful or stagnant energies from the body and your life.


Helping Guide Retrieval

Unites you with an unseen benevolent helper for energetic and spiritual support and protection.


Tuvan Drum Healing

Particularly useful to alleviate physical ailments, bodily pain and drive out spiritual intrusions. Conducted using a traditional Siberian drum (non-synthetic)


Ceremonial Cleansing Bath

Can assist to clean away heavy energies using special floral and herbal combinations within energised water

Soul Portion Retrieval

Restores lost or scattered life force caused by traumatic or negative experiences.


Spirit Detachment

Removes unseen spirit influences that may be negatively affecting you. Some people are aware of these spirits, others are not.


Distance healing

Real-time healing performed at a distance for those who are unable to visit my consult rooms, with a full debrief included.



Performed free of charge at the request of friends or family of those who have died to ensure they transition safely to the realms beyond.

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