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Everything is a reflection of everything else. Everything is connected. You are it and it is you. There is no separation. The illusion of separation is the cause for all illness and disease...
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My name is Alexander "Sasha" and I have been  given and chosen the responsibility to become a Shaman. I am a Shaman Healer, Shaman Soothsayer & a Shaman  Craftsman in my 6th year of practice.


For me this work isn't a job but a full time calling to help others heal and connect with their sense of spirituality in a personal, relevant and down-to-earth way...

I help people process and move through difficult times because I believe that by consciously engaging with our life we learn about who we are on a much deeper level. We can also grow so we feel grounded and secure, and able to thrive during the good times, and successfully manage the tough times. By learning to connect deeply with ourselves, we also learn to connect more intimately with others.  

I've trained and qualified through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I have influences from Siberian, Mongolian, Nepalese and particularly Thai shamanism. I am a traditionalist and therefore do not relate to any New Age practices. Although, I do work with stones, crystals, other earth minerals & offer Reiki (Laying of Hands), there is nothing New Age about these practices. Working with earth minerals has been practiced for millennia and Laying of Hands is found in many shamanic cultures. Reiki is simply a rediscovery of this ancient practice.

If it's time to heal wounds from the past and make a better life for yourself, and you're looking for an open-minded, down-to-earth practitioner who really cares, then let's connect!



"I met Sasha in Koh Phangan where he has been so kind to offer free shamanic sessions to the community there.

I did not have any previous similar experience but I came from a place full of anxiety and depression as well as little personal integrity. 

So, I carried quite some baggage with me to the ritual, of which I somewhat felt relieved at the end of it and left more able to see things for what they are and accepting and embracing them.


I loved and appreciated his thoroughness in explaining the various stages and professionalism while executing the rites.

After that, we had a concluding conversation about the experience. I was left speechless and inspired and full of gratitude also for remaining in touch for future sessions which he carries also through Skype.


I feel different, finally capable to accept myself for what I am, with all my limits.

I would recommend Sasha to anyone who feels stuck in life and desire to re-find, re-discover them-selves.

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Located @ Southern Chiang Mai in Hang Dong.